When written words are no longer sufficient, oral conversation and the creation of joint drawings becomes necessary. At this stage we work with the whiteboard from Explaineverything. For our purposes, the free version is usually quite sufficient.

In the free version, you can upload your own documents to this whiteboard and continue working on them together. You decide who can participate in the session by sending an access link. It is possible for the participants to both draw and talk to each other at the same time.

Just choose the free version on https://explaineverything.com/pricing/

You can easily create a free account by signing up through Google or by entering your email address and password.

After the login you click on “Invite” and get a “Join Code” which looks like this: https://expl.ai/RKZSGBAU . You send this link to the partners with whom you want to realize a joint session. You can save the final result of the session as a short video.

Thus, it is also possible to record the development stages of your drawing step by step with short video sequences. If you click on “Projects” you will get an overview of your projects. In the free version you can save up to 3 projects.

For each selected video sequence, you can click on “Copy Web Video Link” to copy a link under which you can watch the film and download it as an mp4 video including sound. You should delete the outdated projects after video download, so that the maximum number of projects does not exceed 3 and you can continue working with the free version in the future.

We wish you much pleasure and success with your co-creations.