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Mr. Atila Uruc was born in Hamburg in 1967 and spent his entire school education there. As a child of a family with a Turkish origin, the contrasts and similarities between the Orient and Occident have always preoccupied him and enriched his life.

He graduated as Master for Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany. During his studies he worked at the Institute for Advanced Industrial Management (IFU Institute) in Braunschweig and financed his studies mainly through the marketing company he founded.

A student research project at Mercedes Benz in Istanbul strengthened his desire to further deepen his life in his parents’ home country.

After his studies, he headed the marketing department of an internet service provider in London. In 2002 Mr. Uruc returned to his hometown Hamburg and founded his own marketing consultancy.

As a marketing consultant he made the experience again and again that unfortunately many products have to be readjusted to the real customer needs in a very time and cost intensive way after the market entry. In order to make the innovation process faster and more cost effective, Mr. Uruc developed a procedure for customer integrated product development.

As his clients suffered from ever-changing customer demands with growing product complexity, Mr. Uruc incorporated agile product development into his consulting and coaching.

Mr. Uruc is both a Turkish and German citizen. Since 2020 he lives in Istanbul and commutes regularly between the two locations Istanbul and Hamburg of the Agile Innovation Center (AIC).

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