About Us

The Agile Innovation Center and Agile Innovators

In the course of my many years of working as a consultant for marketing and innovation in Germany, I repeatedly had to realize that unfortunately too many products are being developed without taking into account the current needs of customers. I found out that many companies are having increasing difficulties to keep up with the complexity and the enormous speed of the market. I needed a way for my clients to accelerate product development and make it more adaptable. I found this approach in the agile methods. Originally coming from the software industry, the majority of agile methods could also be used in hardware development. However, some agile approaches had to be adapted to the conditions of physical product development.

In order to meet the growing number and international distribution of my coaching projects on the topic of agile hardware, the need arose to make the latest practical knowledge more easily accessible internationally. This is how my idea grew to build an an online forum, where e.g. entrepreneurs, managers, developers and coaches worldwide can exchange their knowledge about agile hardware development. As an outcome, the Agile Innovation Center (AIC) was founded in Hamburg in 2019 and expanded in a second step in 2020 to include Istanbul. The first online platform created by the AIC is Agile Innovators (AGINN). Here, current problems of the transformation to agile hardware development are discussed and new approaches are weighed against each other.

Furthermore, at the same time a solution is offered on AGINN to bring together interested parties for new innovation projects on a joint whiteboard including voice chat.

In the future, AGINN is to be gradually completed with offerings such as e-books, webinars and coaching. My goal is to build a community for agile hardware development, to jointly develop the methods of agile innovation and to make this knowledge available worldwide.

Atila Uruc